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Arin Hanson is a well-known voice actor, animator, rapper, comedian, and cartoonist. He is also a popular internet personality and widely known by his internet name as “Egoraptor.” He is a founder of popular YouTube web series named ‘Game Grumps.’ Here is a quick summary of Arin Hanson’s net worth in 2019, career and earnings.

Early Life

Arin Joseph Hanson was born on January 6, 1987, in West Palm Beach, Florida. His father Lloyd Hanson is Musician as well as a writer and mother Maurette Hanson runs the Charity named ‘Healing Horse Therapy Centre’ to help the people struggling with different emotional, physical and sexual problems. His older brother Nate Hanson is a well-known aviator.

Hanson started his schooling from Wellington High School but suddenly dropped out due to ban by school authorities. Later he moves to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career as a Voice actor. He is married to an American TV personality named Suzy, and they are happy together since last six years. Currently, Arin lives in Glendale, California with his wife.


Arin was having a keen interest in animation from early days of his life and later following own dreams he started his official career in animation from the year 2006. His first and famous web series ‘The Awesome Series’ was released for “Newgrounds.” His animated series “Metal Gear Awesome” goes viral on YouTube and due to this success he was approached by MTV to create animated series for them for their online video gaming show ‘G-Hole.’

Apart from being animator Arin is the best voice actor as well as a musician. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Target Acquired, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’s Wii port are some popular shows for which Arin has given his voice. He has also given voice to the many films and TV series. Press Start part I and II and Sonic Animation are popular among them.

In 2012, he started his own YouTube channel named “Game Grumps” with partner JonTron. The channel is very famous and presents video games and franchises including Pokemon, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and many more. He was involved in sketch comedy and also has rapped on the video game’s series named ‘Starbomb’ and ‘Sequelitis.’ Arin has also appeared as a guest in web show Jontron hosted by Jafari in 2013.

During 2014 he released his very first rap song named ‘FAT REFUND’ on the channel Stamper TV. He recently performed in the live event arranged by “SXSW.”

Award & achievements

1. ‘Game Grump’ is a world -wide famous YouTube channel hosted by Hanson which has the huge number of followers and viewers. 2. Hanson is owner and founder of well-known web series “Awesome Series” and “Sequelitis.”

3. He is the winner of the Dance showdown season three.

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