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James Rothschild is a financier and a member of the well-known family of the Rothschild. He is the chairman of JNR Limited. James is of the British origin. He is one of the chairmen of Asia Resource Minerals PLC. Between 1996 and 2009, Rothschild was also a chairman of Atticus Capital. Now let’s have a close look at James Rothschild’s net worth in 2021.

Early Life

James Rothschild was born in 1971 on 12th July to Jacob Rothschild and Serena Mary Dunn. This man is also known as Nathaniel Nat Rothschild. James went to three schools which are Colet Court, Eton College as well as Wadham College, Oxford. Rothschild studied together with George Osborne who is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. The two were members of the Bullingdon Club. Rothschild earned his MSc degree in Addiction Studies at the Institute of Psychiatry.

James married Anabelle Neilson in 1994. She is a model and a socialite. The marriage of Neilson and James ended in 1997 hence his remarrying in August 2016. His second wife’s name is Loretta Basey who is a former model. Initially, Nat lived in New York. In 2000, he relocated to Switzerland and settled there.


Rothschild started working under a fund manager called Lazard’s. Currently, the corporate finance firm is owned by Natwest. James also used to be the chairman of a European retailer called Virat. James also holds a clothing brand, Kookai.

In March 2000, Rothschild became an alternate director of RIT Capital Partners Pic. Four years later, he became a full non-executive director. He served in the position until in 2010 when Rothschild stepped down.

As far as Belfer Center’s Internation Council at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, James is a member. Additionally, Rothschild is a member of Brookings Institution and Barrick Gold Corporation as well.

He has invested in the United Company RUSAL via NR Investments Ltd. James also owns Glencore bonds which can be converted into shares upon an IPO. In addition to that, he owns large shares in a Manchester-based electrical cable maker named Volex. Nat has BR Properties shares. His other investments are in Eastern Europe Countries such as Romania, Montenegro as well as Ukraine.

Awards & Achievements

Despite knowing that he is the sole heir and that the title of Baron Rothchild awaits him, Nat has made it his responsibility to create his path. James’ efforts have bore fruits with the many investments he has. In addition to that, Rothschild has held positions of chairmanship in various companies that have done very well. Conclusively, this is a man who has achieved a lot on his own. If it were others, they would sit back and wait for their inheritance.

Net Worth of James Rothschild

James Rothschild’s estimated net worth is around $1 billion. His career path as a financier has been a great success. Nat’s inheritance is £500 million to start with. There are rumors that there could be more amounting to £40 billion. His bonds of Glencore are worth £40. As of 2012 according to Forbes, Rothschild’s net worth is at $1.0 billion. The previous year, The Sunday Times had estimated it to be $1.6 billion. In 2016, Sunday Times Rich List recorded that his fortune around £100 million.

James Rothschild is an excellent financier. He is a member of the famous Rothschild family. James is the sole heir to the title of Baron Rothschild. Currently, it is held by his father, Jacob Rothschild and James happens to be his only son. Additionally, he is the chairman of JNR Limited. He is a very wealthy man given his inheritance as well as his significant business investments.

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