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Toby Fox is a game developer and music composer from the United States of America, who is very popular for developing the role-playing video game, Undertale for which he also composed its music. Toby also did some music composing for the webcomic that’s written, illustrated and animated by Andrew Hussie, Homestuck. Let’s find out how much is Toby Fox’s net worth in 2021.

Early Life

Toby Fox was born on October 11, 1991, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. There’s no information on his parents or other family members, just that he has 3 brothers. Also, there’s nothing on his dating history.

Toby Fox is also called Radiation.


First, Toby Fox was a fan of a Japanese role-playing video game called EarthBound or Mother 2, which he also was a member of the forum of a fan website for the game called calling his member name Radiation, where he used to spend a lot of time on until around 2011.

Toby Fox didn’t have a lot of experience in developing video games, he tried to develop a few games with his brothers using the second Microsoft Windows version of the RPG Maker series, RPG Maker 2000, but they never completed any.

Toby Fox started working on Undertale in the basement of Andrew Hussie, who’s known for creating MS Paint Adventures, which is a collection of webcomics and the most popular one is Homestuck.

Toby Fox was going to release Undertale in 2014, but it needed more work, so it was released on September 15, 2015, only a version for a Microsoft Windows and OS X. He completely worked on the whole game by himself, with only some artwork which he got most of it from the freelance animator and illustrator Temmie Chang. The whole game, Undertale took 2.7 years to finish. On July 17, 2016, a Linux version of the game was released, and later on August 15, 2017, a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita version.

Toby Fox also did some music composing work for other comics and games including Alternia, Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead and Homestuck for Homestuck, and others. He also did all the music composing for Undertale.

Toby Fox 2017 news and information says that he’s going to announce the development of a sequel game of Undertale.

Awards & Achievements

Toby Fox’s role-playing video game, Undertale won the 2015 Game of the year by Zero Punctuation and The Jimquisition. On October 2015, Undertale won Rock, Paper, Shotgun game of the month. Undertale also won 2015 Destructoid’s award for Best PC Game, as well as the IGN award for PC Game of the Year 2015. In 2016, Undertale won the Audience Award at the Independent Games Festival; also in the same year, it won the Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award. It also won the NAVGTR Award for Game, Original Role-Playing in 2015.

Net Worth of Toby Fox

Toby Fox has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. His fortune comes from the role-playing video game that he released in 2015, Undertale. Toby Fox’s video game, Undertale was sold so far for more than 2.7 million copies worldwide, and its development cost was around $50 thousand only. Undertale has been receiving very high reviews across different platforms.

Toby Fox is a talented game developer and music composer. His role-playing video game, Undertale, was developed totally by him and released in 2015, so far it got sold for more than 2.7 million copies across the world with very high reviews on different platforms. Toby Fox’s nickname is Radiation.

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