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Andrew Wommack is a Christian TV evangelist and faith healer from America. He is the founder of the “Andrew Wommack Ministries” in the year 1978 and “Charis Bible College” in 1994. To know more about Andrew Wommack and his net worth in 2021, read the following article.

Early Life

Andrew Wommack was born on 30, April 1949, in Texas. Currently, he is the residence of Colorado, United States. Since his childhood, he wanted to become a spiritual healer. He started preaching when he was just 20 years of old.

In 1972, he married his wife Jamie. He made three churches within the first six years of his marriage. His wife is one of his biggest supporters and manages all his job and decisions.


Andrew Wommack broadcast his first “Gospel Truth” program on radio in Childress, Texas in the year 1976. Two years later, he founded the corporation “Andrew Wommack Ministries” to serve the community. In 1980, Wommack moved the ministry to the city, Colorado Springs. He has been broadcasting the show ever since it was made.

In 2000, Wommack telecasted his first television program the “Gospel Truth” on the INSP Network. As the program gained popularity, many television networks wanted to get the show on their channels including the DayStar Network, GOD TV in Europe and The Church Channel in the U.S.

Later, Wommack started his own daily television and radio program “Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack” in the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The program became very popular which lead to the increase of followers of Wommack.

Awards & Achievements

In 1994, Andrew Wommack founded the college “Charis Bible College” which focuses on the spiritual and faith development of the students. The school has more than 850 students who attend the classes in their Colorado Campus and more than 5000 students attend the classes online.

He has also established many schools in different parts of the world including Russia, Ireland, India, Uganda, Netherlands, South Africa and many more.

He states that he has healed many people from cancers, various types of terminal diseases, got people out of wheelchairs, and demon cast out.

Net Worth of Andrew Wommack

The estimated net worth of Andrew Wommack is $12.5 million. He made this fortune by appearing on television as a TV evangelist. His major source of income comes from the television program “Gospel Truth” which telecasts on various television networks in different parts of the world. He is also a popular healer which helps in accumulating this huge wealth. He also gets donations from various people who love to support his activities. He also runs a college where hundreds of students join annually to study spiritual and faith development.

Andrew Wommack is one of the most renowned TV evangelists and faith healers in the world. He claims to heal and raise people from the dead. He was also very active against the same-sex relations in Uganda when the government of Uganda introduced the anti-homosexuality bill.

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