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George Jacob Jung often called Boston George, or El Americano is the biggest drug trafficker and smuggler in the history of America. He was a significant part of Medellin Cartel. Medellin Cartel was a highly organized Colombian drug monopoly that originated in Medellin, Columbia and operated in Bolivia, Columbia, Central America, Peru, United States, Canada and Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. Keep reading to know more about George Jung’s net worth in 2021.

Early Life

George Jung embraced the land of Boston, Massachusetts, the United States with his advent on August 6, 1942. He was born to Frederick Jung and Ermine Jung. George Jung was raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Although George was not a prodigy in studies, he was a champion in football. His classmates entitled him as “a natural leader.”

George Jung attended Weymouth High School and then enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi for a bachelor in advertising. George didn’t complete his bachelors and got indulged in trading marijuana- a drug. He started using marijuana recreationally and used to sell a portion of whatever he bought to friends and classmates.

George was married to Mirtha Jung and has a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. Kristina is known as a writer and a poetess apart from her identity as George Jung’s daughter. George also has a stepdaughter, Clara Pearson. Later, George and Mirtha had a divorce because of Mirtha’s high drug consumption habits.


In the year 1967, George Jung and his alma mater friend Philip Sadler collaborated to smuggle cannabis from California to New England. George used his stewardess girlfriend to cart the drugs. She carried the drugs in her briefcase. George wanted to expand his business. Hence, he started to import drugs from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico via stolen planes. George was at his career’s peek. He and his associates bagged in about $250,000 a month.

Everything ended in 1974 when he got arrested for smuggling 660 pounds of marijuana to California. After immense arguments, the judge reduced George’s punishment and was sent to Danbury, Connecticut’s federal prison.

At Danbury prison, George’s cellmate was Carlos Lehder Rivas who anticipated George about the international drug trafficking in Medellin Cartel. The two merged up after their release in 1975 and planned to transport thousands of pounds of cocaine from Pablo Escobar’s Colombian ranch to US and California with the help of Jung’s connection. Jung simply acted as an intermediator but earned millions of dollars. Later, Lehder chucked out Jung and directly dealt with Colombian business. Jung continued to reap high profits.

In 1987, Jung was again arrested at his mansion on Nauset Beach but was able to take a quick bail. He started a new business but was duped into the dungeon by his acquaintance. In 1994, he reconnected with his old Mexican marijuana smuggling partner but was arrested with 1,754 pounds of cocaine in Topeka, Kansas. He received a 60-year sentence, but the punishment was reduced and was released on November 27, 2014.

For doing parole violation, he was again imprisoned on December 6, 2016, and was released on July 3, 2017.

Awards & Achievements

In 2001, a film “Blow” was released which is an American biological crime film depicting the life story of George Jung and his family. He became infamous when Johnny Depp played his role in the movie. George Jung was depicted in a documentary in 2006, “Cocaine Cowboys” that explored the rise of cocaine and the Miami Drug War.

Although George was a drug trafficker, he was the greatest smuggler in the history of America. He was a co-founder of Medellin Cartel. He was responsible for smuggling 80-90% of cocaine found in America in the 1970s and the 1980s.

Net Worth of George Jung

George Jacob Jung has an estimated net worth of more than $10 thousand. He made his fortune via smuggling and trafficking of drugs. The reports say that in May 1970, his daily earnings of smuggling empire was $15 million. In 1967, he earned $250 thousand per run.

Jung returned to his hometown Weymouth after over thirty years in August 2017. The 70 years old, former player of drugs is now engaged in “clean business.” Recently, he was called upon by the directors to know about his life story. Now, Jung is also making full efforts to tie up with his daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung.

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