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Smokey Robinson is a famous and successful musician who founded the Rhythm and Blues group named The Miracles. Keep reading to know more about Smokey Robinson’s net worth in 2021.

Early Life

Smokey Robinson’s full name is William Robinson Jr. and was born on February 19, in the year 1940, in the city of Detroit, in Michigan, USA. Smokey grew up in a rough neighborhood and inspired him to play in local groups. Smokey Robinson is one of those rare musical talents that the world sees once in a lifetime. He was Born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 19, 1940 and helped found the famous recording company Motown along with Berry Gordy. He is credited with a total of over 4000 songs along with 37 “Top 40” hits which include “Love Machine,” “Tracks of My Tears” and more. While serving as the Vice President of Motown records, writing and producing hits for music legends such as The Temptations (“My Girl”) and Mary Wells (“My Guy”).


His early career involved founding the group named “The Matadors” which went on to be re-named as “The Miracles’ which then became world famous. After meeting the known record producer Berry Gordy, he signed up for a contract with Motown records which matured into a significant working relationship over time. “Shop Around” (1960), “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (1962), “I Second That Emotion” (1967) were all well-known hits from The Miracles. His work contributed in a big way to the success of Motown Records and helped further the cause of soul music.

Going solo in 1972 saw Smokey branding with a softer sound and found him being associated frequently with romantic soul music. His famous albums included “Touch the Sky” (1983). A Quiet Storm (1974) as a solo artist. The mid-80s saw him battle drug addiction, with him coming out to the public with his private battles with addiction to cocaine through his autobiography entitled Smokey: Inside My Life. He has credited his recovery from substance abuse to his religious faith.

Robinson is also known to have create a food enterprise named Smokey Robinson Foods, which comprises of a line of ready-to-eat meals. He also works as a public speaker, sharing his experiences to inspire others in their life to spring into action and follow their dreams, whatever they may be. His work as an entrepreneur outside of the music industry shows that he has a wide variety of interests in life and is not restricted to his profession alone. He has achieved a certain degree of success outside of his musical career, which is impressive to say the least!

Awards & Achievements

He famously received a Grammy award for his song “Just To See Her” in the year 1987 which came from the album named “One Heartbeat” in the best R&B vocal performance category. This win for him was significant as it was awarded to him as a solo artist.

Robinson was also chosen to be a Kennedy Center Honoree in the year 2006. This was to honor his contributions to the arts and to American culture in general. He is also said to have received an honorary degree from Howard University.

Net Worth of Smokey Robinson

Considering his involvement with music since a very young age, it will come as no surprise that Smokey Robinson has a massive net worth as of today. His estimated net worth over $110 Million and has a great deal to do with his musical genius as well as his work history with Motown records. He also is bound to receive musical royalties and other fees on a constant basis from the all the contracts that has been signed at Motown records. He also makes a significant amount of money from touring the world, spreading his message of music wherever he goes.

Smokey Robinson has lived a very eventful life and continues to do so. In a way he also gives back to the world which has given so much to him over time. He is a public speaker and whenever he gets the time he gives back in his own unique way.

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