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T Boz is an American musical signer who is famously known for her hip-hop group TLC. This lady made her global presence with her popular on stage name as ‘T-Boz’. In addition to this, T Boz is a versatile woman who has exhibited her inbound skill and talent in the field of acting, writing, songwriting, and also an enthusiastic producer who loves to take the risk on her own credibility.

T Boz has set a new dimension in the field of music where people loved her singing with much enthusiasm and interest. Significantly, she is an American born singer who has millions of fan followers across the world which widely depicts her success rate and growth in her entire career life. Therefore, let’s find out more about T Boz’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

On 26 April 1976, T Boz was born in Lowa in the United States and thus she was born with an American nationality. Originally, T Boz was born with the name as ‘Tionne Tensese Watkins’. T Boz was born to mother ‘Gayle Watkins’ and father ‘James Watkins’. T Boz belongs to a mixed ethnicity as she is half American and half African. T Boz moved to Georgia when she 9 years old along with her parents.

As a child T Boz was a patient of chronic cell anemia and she was frequently admitted to the hospitalised in order to continue with her treatment. T Boz has struggled with her disease for a long period of time even in her early teens where she was treated for anemia treatment in the hospital.


T Boz got her first major breakthrough with the musical group band ‘TLC’ where she associated herself as one of the widely known group members. T Boz along with the other group members has sold their music albums for more than 65 million records which are highly significant to imagine as well as praiseworthy.

Next, T Boz started working on her new venture where she independently recorded her own solo singles such as ‘Touch Myself’, ‘Ghetto Love’, ‘He Say She Say’ and many others with remarkable success and popularity in the United States.

In addition to this, T Boz has also served her career in the field of acting where she has been portrayed the character of ‘Hype Williams’ in the film ‘Belly’.

In 2006, T Boz has also produced a film along with the rapper T.I. as ‘ATL’.

T Boz has also been featured in two of the popular TV shows as ‘Days of our Lives’ and the other one is the ‘The Real Housewives of the Atlanta’.

T Boz has also given her voice-over for the children’s animated film as ‘Trolland’.

T Boz has also released her independent autobiographical poetry as ‘Thoughts’.

On the other hand, T Boz has also featured in a reality television show as ‘Totally T Boz’.

Boz has also featured in a small cameo role in the television series as ‘Black Dynamite’.

Awards and Achievements

T Boz while serving her career as one of the singer for the group TLC, she was honored and bestowed four times by the ‘Grammy Award’.

Net Worth of T Boz

The total estimated net worth of T Boz is about $1 million approximately.

Thus, Tboz has been bestowed with numerous awards and recognition for inborn talent as a singer who has attracted a great number of audiences during her on-stage live performance. Hence, she has made a remarkable singing career in the United States with her blockbuster hit songs and music videos significantly to a large extent.

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