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Paul Ryan is an American Politician. According to news sources, Paul was considered a rich man because of his wife’s wealth. Paul Ryan is known for being the 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. In the year 2012, he was running alongside Mitt Romney and was the Republican Party nominee for the United States Vice President. Now let’s have a quick look at Paul Ryan’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Paul Ryan was born as Paul Davis Ryan Jr. in the year 1970 on 29th January. Little Paul was born to Elizabeth and Paul Davis Ryan in Wisconsin. The couple had four children, and Paul is the youngest.

Ryan went to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Janesville, Wisconsin. He was a part of the basketball team. The young man went to Joseph A. Craig High School. The handsome boy became the most popular, and he was also the prom king! Yes, Paul Ryan was a handsome boy in high school. Ryan was also elected as the president of the junior class. He had great leadership skills even when he was young! Paul had a keen interest in sports, and he participated in social clubs as well.

When Ryan was just 16 years old, he found his father dead on the bed. This was due to a heart attack. Ryan’s grandmother moved in after his father’s death. Paul Ryan’s mother got remarried.

Paul Ryan went to Miami University in Oxford and received a degree in Economics and Political Science. As a university student, Ryan participated in congressional campaigns, and he was very active!

Ryan is a fitness freak, and he takes his health seriously. He is married to Janna Little, and they have three children. Janna little is a tax attorney, and they both are happily married to each other since the year 2000.


Paul Ryan’s mother urged Paul to accept the congressional position at Senator Kasten’s office. He joined as a staff economist. During his early years, he did odd jobs by being a waiter and fitness trainer. Before he became the U.S. Representative, Paul was a speechwriter for FreedomWorks (then Empower America).

Later, Paul Ryan worked for Kemp as a speechwriter. In the year 1995, Paul became the legislative director for U.S. Senator Sam Brownback. He sponsored and co-sponsored many bills, and most of them have passed.

Paul Ryan is the 54th (and current) Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He is a renowned politician and has always been in the news.

Awards & Achievements

Paul Ryan has received many awards in his career as a politician. In the year 2004 and 2010, Paul received Guardian of Small Business Award. In 2008, he received Defending the American Dream Award. Paul Ryan has received multiple awards such as Legislative of the Year (2010), Statesmanship Award (2011), Leadership Award (2011), Freedom and Prosperity Award (2011), Honorary Degree (2009) and the list goes on.

Net Worth of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan has a net worth of $8 million. He has accumulated the wealth through his career as a politician. The politician is active on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handle. He has a huge fan following on social media.

Paul Ryan is an influential politician, and he has many supporters as well. He is happily married to Janna Ryan. The couple has three children together. Currently, the family lives in Janesville. The electoral history of Paul Ryan has been excellent.

The politician takes a keen interest in fitness. Since his family has a history of heart attacks, he tries to stay fit and fabulous. Paul Ryan is a handsome politician, who has been dragged into a number of controversies. However, he has been a faithful husband and an excellent politician.

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