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Burnie Burns is a well-known producer from America who has produced many television shows in his career. He is also an actor, writer, director, host, and comedian. He is the chief creative officer of the production company Rooster Teeth. In 2003, Burns became one of the creators of ‘Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles’ series. He has also created many web series. Here is a quick summary of Burnie Burns’ net worth in 2019, career and earnings.

Early Life

Michael Justin “Burnie” Burns was born on January 18, 1973, in Rochester, New York.

He went to Alief Elsik High School, where he was given the nickname of “Burnie”. He has earned his BA degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. In there, Burns volunteered in the Texas Student Television called K29HW-D.

While still a student, he became the founder of the longest-running student TV program called ‘Sneak Peek’. In the show, he used to review films. He later became the president of teleNetwork Partners, which is a tech support company.

In 2000, Burnie Burns got married to Jordan Burns. The couple divorced in 2011. In 2016, he became engaged to Ashley Jenkins, who is the host of ‘The Know’. He is International Academy of Web Television’s member and lives in Austin, Texas.


In 1997, Burnie Burns shot the movie ‘The Schedule’ along with his roommates. He served as the co-director, producer, and writer of the film. In 2012, he became the executive director of the movie ‘Minecraft: The Story of Mojang’. In 2015, he starred, produced, and co-wrote the film ‘Lazer Team’.

He has served as the executive producer of the documentaries ‘Connected’, ‘The Meme Machine’, ‘The Tattooist’, and ‘Haus of Pain’. In 2017, Burns was the producer and co-writer of the film ‘Lazer Team 2’.

In television, he was the host of ‘Sneak Peak’ in 1994. He has guest appeared on the television shows ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and ‘@midnight’. In 2016, Burns was a contestant on the reality television show ‘The Amazing Race’.

Burns is the star, creator, and director of the web series ‘Red vs. Blue’. In 2005, he was the producer of the web series ‘PANICS’.

His other web credits include ‘Captain Dynamic’, ‘The Strangerhood’, ‘Immersion’, ‘Rooster Teeth Shorts’, ‘RWBY’, ‘YouTubers React’, ‘Ten Little Roosters’, ‘X-Ray and Vav’, ‘Death Battle’, and ‘The Eleven Little Roosters’. In 2016, Burns became the executive producer of the video game ‘RWBY: Grimm Eclipse’.

Awards & Achievements

In 2014, Burnie Burns was nominated for the Streamy Awards in the category of Best Writing. He was also nominated for the PGA Award in 2013 for ‘Project Freelancer’. He has received two nominations from the International Academy of Web television Awards for Best Host. In 2015, The Hollywood Reporter featured Burns on the list of “Top 25 Digital Stars”. Variety has also named him as “top Digital Entertainment Execs to Watch in 2018”.

Net Worth of Burnie Burns

Burnie Burns has an estimated net worth of more than $7.5 million. He made this wealth by producing many web series, television shows, video game, and films. He is also a successful writer and has also directed shows and films. Burns has been an actor as well as a voice actor. He has voiced for the video games ‘Halo 3’, ‘Halo 4’, ‘Age of Booty: Tactics’, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’. He has contributed a lot for making machinima in technology.

Burnie Burns is considered one of the most popular producers in the world. He has guest appeared in The Sydney Film Festival, Penny Arcade Expo, Sundance, and San Diego Comic-Con International. He is one of the few personalities who has been active in various professions and has found success in all of them. He was also the co-host of the audio podcast ‘Drunk Tank’.

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