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Andy Dinh is a well-known Vietnamese American businessman who is nicknamed as “Reginald.” He formerly is a ‘League of Legends’ player. Dinh owns and coaches the North American League of Legends Championship Series team called ‘Team SoloMid.’ He is one of the 19 players who has qualified three times in the World Championships. Let’s find out how much is Andy Dinh’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Andy Dinh known by his gamer tag as “Reginald” was born on April 12, 1992. He is a descendant of Vietnamese immigrants.

He grew up in San Jose, California. Just like Andy, his brother named Dan Dinh also used to play ‘League of Legends’ professionally and at present works as a coach.

Andy Dinh went to Westmont High School located in Campbell, California.

Dinh is currently dating his girlfriend named Leena Xu, who is the general manager of Team SoloMid’.


Andy Dinh started playing ‘League of Legends’ in 2008 in Closed Beta. He used to play along with Dan “Man Dinh” Dinh, his brother and soon became one of the most recognized players. He became popular, and the brothers then formed one of the earliest teams in the League of Legends called ‘All or Nothing.’ It was formed in September 2009 at the League of Legends closed beta.

In 2009, he became the founder of the website ‘SoloMid.’ It was a website which was dedicated to League of Legends and was one of its first kinds. In 2011, ‘All or Nothing’ was disbanded after he had an argument with his brother. He then joined his own team ‘Team SoloMid’ and became its captain.

In 2011, his team came to the third place in the Season One Championships at League of Legends. Following this, they went on to appear in Major League Gaming Pro Circuit – Raleigh and Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. His team came at the 1st place at the Providence tournament in Major League Gaming.

The team has also suffered losses like the Kiev Event and the Intel Extreme Masters Hanover event. After this, one of the founding members of Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann gave his resignation from the team. He was later replaced by Marcus “Dyrus” Hill.

The new team then went on to win many North American events including the North American regionals.

After the completion of the 2013 season, Andy Dinh retired as a League of Legends player.

Awards & Achievements

Andy Dinh has finished inside the top 3 in many tournaments in his career. He was at the first place with his team at the Major League Gaming tournament. His team came third at the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit – Raleigh. At the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI – Global Challenge Cologne, his team came to the second place.

Net Worth of Andy Dinh

Andy Dinh has an estimated net worth of more than $1.5 million. He made this fortune as a professional League of Legends player. In his career, he has pocketed $554150 as team prize money. At the Season 2 World Championships held in Los Angeles, his team pocketed $75,000.

Andy Dinh is considered one of the most popular ‘League of Legends’ players in the world. He found considerable success as a gamer and is only one of the 19 players who has qualified in three world championships.

He is currently the coach and founder of his own (NA LCS) North American League of Legends Championship Series team ‘TSM’ (Team SoloMid). He has pocketed good money as a professional gamer and is also doing considerably good as a coach. Andy Dinh made a brief appearance at the 2014 NA LCS Spring Split.

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