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Immortal Technique is a well-known activist and hip-hop artist, who is best known for composing songs which are centred on contentious issues in global politics. When Immortal Technique writes songs, it is usually about poverty, class struggle, socialism, government, politics, racism, and religion. It is rare to see hip-hop rappers writing songs on controversial issues. Let’s find out how much is Immortal Technique’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Immortal Technique aka Felipe Andres Colonel was born in the year 1978 on 19th February. The Peruvian boy was born in Lima, and he has African, French, and Spanish ancestry. In the year 1980, Felipe’s family immigrated to New York.

Do you know that as a child Felipe was arrested multiple times? It was due to his childish behaviour!

Felipe went to Hunter College High School in Manhattan. After finishing high school, he went to Pennsylvania State University. Sadly, Felipe was arrested again as he was charged with assault-related cases.

When Felipe was in jail, he honed his rapping skills. After he came out of jail, Felipe could not find a decent job due to his track record. The young boy started selling his music on the streets of New York. He started participating in freestyle rapping contests.


Felipe became Immortal Technique since he had the reputation of the most excellent Battle MC. Immortal’s career began on the streets of New York City where he used to sell his music. After he got released from the jail, Felipe could not get a good job because of his criminal records. Nonetheless, he started battling with MC’s and participated in freestyle rap contests.

Immortal Technique recorded and released his full-length album which got noticed by numerous publications. In the year 2003, he was chosen as ‘Hip-Hop Quotable’ by Source. He was an unsigned artist at that time!

Immortal technique signed with Viper Record in the year 2004. These are the albums of Immortal Technique –

Revolutionary Vol 1 Revolutionary Vol 2 The 3rd World

The Middle Passage

Immortal is also an activist, and he goes to the jail to speak to the younger generation. He raises money for children’s hospitals as well.

Awards & Achievements

Even though Immortal Technique spent his time in jail, he did choose the right path after getting released. Do you know that he travelled to Kabul, Afghanistan to help Omeid International to build an orphanage for children? Whatever profit he made from his album, ‘the 3rd World’, he spent all that on building the orphanage. It is indeed a great achievement for a human being. There are very few people who keep others ahead of them!

Net Worth of Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique has a net worth of $2.5 million. He accumulated the wealth through his career as a rapper. Immortal spent most of his money on charity works. The rapper is famous around the world, and he has a huge fan following as well. Immortal Technique is famous for creating lyrics that focus on politics, racism, religion, poverty and other controversial issues. He has released albums, singles and has also been contracted by many bands.

Immortal Technique confessed that he was not just a bully, he was a criminal. He lived a violent life! Bullies would usually throw kids in trash cans, but Immortal was worse than that. He released a statement that he is not proud of himself. The rapper learnt a lesson by living in the lesson. He is making amends by doing charity work and writing songs on controversial issues. Well, Immortal Technique is certainly a popular celebrity, and his fans are waiting for his next album!

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