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Shirley MacLaine is a well-known actress in films, television, and theatre. This American artist is also involved in dancing, singing, writing and activist work. She is popularly known for her spiritual New age beliefs and reincarnation. In response to her career as an author, she has written a series focusing on her life, world’s travel and Hollywood acting career.

This superstar has won many awards and has also been recognised by lots of people worldwide. This article is about to unveil Shirley MacLaine Net Worth as of now in 2019 and all the relevant facts about her. Read on to find out.

Early Life

Shirley was born in 1934, 24th April as Shirley MacLaine Beaty. Her place of birth was Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. Shirley father and mother are Ira Owens Beaty and Kathlyn Corinne, respectively. Ira Owens worked as a real estate agent, public school administrator, and a psychology professor.

Kathlyn who was originally a Canadian worked as a teacher of drama. Her brother is Warren Beatty, a known director, actor, and writer. Their father moved the family to Norfolk and from Norfolk to Arlington. In Arlington, she played baseball in a junior school.

When she was still young, Shirley faced knee issues which caused her mother to take her to ballet class. Her experience in ballet boosted her courage on stage. While still in school, she started acting in small dramas. She attended high school at Washington-lee High School where she participated in acting at the theatrical productions.

MacLaine was involved in a love relationship with Steve Parker, a businessman. They were married from 1954 to 1982 when their marriage came to an end. Their daughter is called Sachi. This star has an open interest in spiritual beliefs which she has embraced throughout her life.


Shirley MacLaine started off as an actress in her school theatrical productions. Officially her acting career started in 1955 when she starred in a film, The Trouble with Harry. This film won her a Globe Award. This film gave her a real breakthrough in acting since she starred in numerous films such as Artists and Models, Hot Spell, Some Came Running, Around the World in 80 days and others. All these films gained her publicity, and she received several nominations and awards. Years later she participated in different documentaries.

She has worked with famous stars such as Anthony Hopkins, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and others. Other than acting, Shirley has taken part in supplies television projects. In the recent years, Shirley MacLaine has starred in Downton Abbey, Wild Oats, Steel Magnolias and others.

Her strong spiritual New age beliefs have made this American artist participate in numerous films focusing on the Bible. Books have also been written based on her autograph. At some point, she has received critics from people but never has she ever let them define who she is.

Awards and Achievements

Shirley MacLaine work has dramatically been appreciated by most of the people worldwide. She has received various awards such as Academy Award, AFI Life Achievement Award, Golden Globe Award, National Board Review Awards, Emmy Awards, Film Critics awards and others. This American star had also received an honour of the best actress. All these awards have made Shirley MacLaine Net Worth.

Net Worth of Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine Net Worth is $50 million. This net worth has become achievable through active participation in her career. Numerous films and plays have featured her hence contributing to her $50 million net worth.

Shirley MacLaine has been focused and determined in the filming industry for over five decades. She has worked her way to the top from scratch without ever giving up. That is a lesson that most of the people should emulate from this superstar, Shirley MacLaine.

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