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Veronica Anne Roth is a famous American novelist whose debut trilogy, “The Divergent series,” has been an integral part of her success. She is a young dystopian author who has pursued her successful career in writing after her graduation. Her novels have had a record impact in a short span of time due to her writing’s appeal among the young generation all around the world. Let’s find out how much is Veronica Roth’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Veronica Roth was born on the 19th of August, 1988 and is a 29-year-old budding writer. She was born in New Your City in a well-off family, but was raised with her two other siblings in Barrington. Her parents got divorced when she was five, and her mother later got remarried. Veronica used to attend Barrington High School and graduated from the same. She initially went off to Carleton College, but switched after a year to Northwestern University in order to pursue her passion for writing.

Her inspiration was her mother, Barbara Ross, who is a painter and whom she herself credits for instilling in her the value of art from a very young age. She graduated in 2010 just a year before “Divergent,” the first book in her famous trilogy, came out. She got married to Nelson Fitch, a photographer, in 2011. She also has a pet dog who is almost like a member of her family. She presently resides in Chicago with her husband and her brother and sister live in the same city.


Veronica Roth recently treaded up the ladder of success and fame with the release of her debut novel, “Divergent,” which is the first book in the Divergent series (the other two being “Insurgent” and “Allegiant” respectively). The book, which is a young adult sci-fi novel, follows the story of a girl who is a ‘divergent’ and possesses traits from every faction mentioned in the novel and thus, is a threat to the authoritative figures. It depicts how she fights her way through difficulties in order to uncover the truth about the shady and controlling individuals who have a political hold over everything.

Veronica’s book was a huge hit, and she had the rights for publication sold even before she graduated college. The film rights soon followed, which she signed over to Summit Entertainment and “Divergent” movie was released just three years after the book, i.e., in 2014. The whole trilogy has been published, and at present, the last one is in the process of picturization.

Her recent projects include an epilogue for the “Divergent” series, named “We can be Mended” and a young-adult fiction duology deal that she signed with HarperCollins. The first book for the series, ‘‘Carve the Mark’’ was released on the 17th of January, 2017. The second installment is due to be released this year.

Awards and Achievements

As a writer Veronica Roth has bagged many awards for her famous trilogy which include:

• Goodreads Choice Awards- Favorite Book (2011) • Goodreads Choice Awards- Best Debut Goodreads Author (2012)

• Goodreads Choice Awards- Best Young Adult Fantasy (2013)

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